E-Mail Swap

Well, with the proliferation of email accounts, gmail swapping is no longer a necessity, so this website has changed in nature. It is no longer dedicated to soliciting and offering gmail invitations, but rather it has become a general purpose page with some links to different websites. If you are looking to get a gmail account, check out the original gmail website. Some ads have been placed on the web page to try to cover the cost of its website hosting. We also added a page on how to enable a Blackberry to receive gmail.

Since the early days of the Internet, communication has been a major focus and has played an important role in its growth. First it was email, then it evolved to talking and chatting in real time with some popular tools like TALK and IRC. Nowadays, the move is towards video chatting, and keep your eyes open for this one because it will dominate the Internet soon. The web has evolved from a means of checking your email or offering paid email services.

Well, we promised some links to different new websites, so how about an NFT page.

Besides this kind of websites, you can always find a lot of useful ones in various topics like psychology, teens, and yoga. These websites contain an online reference about their respective topics and are useful in many respects. At least they contain original material. We will be posting new websites as this website grows.